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Fat Friar Fat Friar
The Fat Friar is a cheerful Hufflepuff ghost.

Fat Lady Fat Lady
The Fat Lady is the portrait guardian of the Gryffindor Common Room. She will only let someone enter if they have the correct password. One year, she was slashed by escaped prisoner Sirius Black for not letting him in. Shaken up, she was replaced temporarily while her portrait was restored. She wears a pink silk dress and is friends with Violet.

Fawcett, ? Fawcett, ?
Ravenclaw girl. She used the Age Potion in an attempt to enter the Triwizard Tournament. She was caught with Stebbins in the rosebushes by Prof. Snape at the Yule Ball.

Fawcetts, The Fawcetts, The
The Fawcetts live in the Ottery St. Catchpole area. They could not get tickets to the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.

Fenwick, Benjy Fenwick, Benjy
Benjy Fenwick was an original member of the Order of the Phoenix. Only bits of him were found after he was killed.

Figg, Arabella Doreen Figg, Arabella Doreen
Arabella Doreen Figg has grizzled gray hair in a hairnet. Even though she is a Squib, she is a member of the Order of the Phoenix. She guarded Harry Potter while he grew up with his Muggle relatives since she lived just two streets away in Little Whinging. Her house smells like cabbage, and she has at least four cats (Tibbles, Snowy, Mr. Paws & Tufty). She carries a clanking string shopping bag and wears tartan carpet slippers. Harry usually stayed at her house whenever the Dursleys need a babysitter, but under orders she never told him who she was or about magic. Arabella’s leg was broken in 1991. Sirius Black alerted her to Voldemort’s resurrection in ’95. That summer, she witnessed Harry and his cousin being attacked by dementors but could do nothing to help. She testified about the incident when Harry was tried for using magic in front of a Muggle.

Filch, Argus Filch, Argus
Argus Filch is the pasty-faced caretaker at Hogwarts. He has thin, gray hair and sunken, veined cheeks. Flat-footed and rheumatic, Filch spends his time chasing down students and threatening to hang them. He and his pet cat, Mrs. Norris, patrol the school in hopes of catching students causing trouble. He has a whole list of banned items that barely anyone pays attention to. Filch is ashamed of being a Squib and tried to learn magic by taking the Kwikspell course. He was devastated when Mrs. Norris was petrified in ’92 and was relieved to have her revived. All of Filch’s dreams seemed to come true when High Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge took charge of Hogwarts in ’96. She promised Filch the power to whip students. Alas, she left before she could make good of the promise.

Finch-Fletchley, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Justin
Justin Finch-Fletchley is a curly-haired Hufflepuff of the class of ’98. A Muggle-born, Justin had expected to go to Eton before discovering he was a wizard. He was petrified by a basilisk just before Christmas his second year, but luckily escaped death because he only saw it through a ghost, Nearly Headless Nick. He was a D.A. member.

Finnigan, Mrs. Finnigan, Mrs.
Mrs. Finnigan is a witch, but she did not tell her husband until after they were married. She and her son, Seamus, celebrated Ireland’s participation in the ’94 Quidditch World Cup. Mrs. Finnigan wanted to keep Seamus from returning to Hogwarts in ’95 because she was worried about her son being in the company of his dormmate, Harry Potter. She thought Harry was a liar and the Headmaster, Dumbledore, was an old fool because of what she had read in the Daily Prophet. She did not change her mind until Seamus sent her a copy of Harry’s interview in The Quibbler. Mrs. Finnigan seems to be very protective of her son. She wanted to pull him straight out of Hogwarts after Dumbledore’s death, but Seamus insisted that they stay for the funeral.

Finnigan, Seamus Finnigan, Seamus
Seamus Finnigan is a sandy-haired Gryffindor, class of ’98. He sat on the stool for almost a whole minute before being sorted. His mother is a witch, but she never told her Muggle husband until after they were married. The Finnigans are of Irish descent and were thrilled when Ireland made it into the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. He tried out for the Chaser position on the house team in his sixth year along with his best friend, Dean Thomas. Neither made the team originally, but Dean, to Seamus’s disappointment, was chosen when a substitute was needed. Seamus’s favorite professional Quidditch team is the Kenmare Kestrels (he has a poster hanging in his dormitory). Banshees are his greatest fear. He has a cousin Fergus.

Seamus started his 5th year on bad terms with his dormmate, Harry Potter. His mother believed the Daily Prophet’s claims that Harry was lying about Voldemort’s return and just wanted attention. It wasn’t until he read Harry’s Quibbler interview that he apologized. After that, he joined the D.A. meetings before they were disbanded. When Dumbledore died in Seamus’s 6th year, his mother wanted him to go home right away, but he insisted on staying to pay his respects to the great wizard.

"I am a wizard, not a baboon brandishing a stick" (VI.356)

Firenze "Dobbin" "nag" Firenze "Dobbin" "nag"
Firenze is a centaur with white-blond hair and a palomino body. He often gazes at the stars with his blue eyes that are like pale sapphires. Firenze helped Harry Potter escape from Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest in his first year. He let Harry ride on his back, which is unthinkable for centaurs. Firenze did Albus Dumbledore a favor by agreeing to teach Divination in ’96 when Prof. Trelawney was fired. He was attacked and banished by his herd for entering into the service of humans and teaching them the secrets of his kind. Luckily the groundskeeper, Hagrid, saved him; otherwise Firenze would probably have been killed. He continued to share the Divination teaching duties with Prof. Trelawney the following year.

Flamel, Nicolas Flamel, Nicolas
A noted alchemist, Nicolas Flamel was the owner of the only Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone that existed in modern times. He, at one time, was partners with Albus Dumbledore. Flamel enjoyed the opera and quiet life. He lived in Devon with his wife, Perenelle, and lived over 665 years by using the Elixir of Life. He consented to have the Stone destroyed to avoid it falling into the wrong hands.

Flamel, Perenelle Flamel, Perenelle
Perenelle’s husband, Nicolas, was the owner of the only Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone that existed in modern times. She lived in Devon with him and lived to be over 658 years old by using the Elixir of Life

Fleet, Angus Fleet, Angus
Angus Fleet was cited in the Evening Prophet as having seen a flying Ford Anglia on September 1, 1992. Mr. Fleet, who lives in Peebles, reported it to the Muggle police.

Fletcher, Mundungus "Dung" Fletcher, Mundungus "Dung"
Mundungus Fletcher is a squat, unshaven man in a tattered overcoat that makes him resemble a pile of rags. He has short bandy legs, long straggly ginger hair and bloodshot baggy eyes. He is said to look like a doleful basset hound, though he seems to bear a striking resemblance to Crookshanks the cat. He smokes a grimy black pipe; consequently, he usually smells of stale tobacco and drink. According to Phineas Nigellus, he is a half-blood. Dung, as he is known, was banned from the Hog’s Head Inn in the ’70s. He once attacked Arthur Weasley behind his back when being inspected for misused Muggle artifacts. Dung is essentially a crook, which comes in useful to the Order of the Phoenix because he has connections with others like himself and can get underground information. He is very loyal to Albus Dumbledore, who has helped him out of many tight spots. Dung was on duty to guard Harry Potter in Little Whinging in the summer of ’95, but he got lured away by the chance to get a hold of black market cauldrons. Harry ended up being attacked by dementors while he was gone. He also kept an eye on Harry and his friends when they had a meeting in Hogsmeade, but he had to disguise himself since he was not allowed in the Hog’s Head Inn. He posed as a witch in a thick, black veil that fell to her toes. Dung took advantage of his time in the Black house (Order headquarters) to scope out its possessions, which he promptly smuggled out after Sirius Black’s death. Apparently, being banned from the Hog’s Head does not keep him from trying to deal with the barman. After being caught trying to sell the Black family silverware by Harry, Dung went into hiding in fear of Dumbledore’s reaction. He was later caught impersonating an Inferius during an attempted burglary.

Flint, Marcus Flint, Marcus
Marcus Flint is a large Slytherin who should have graduated in ’93, but he stuck around for an extra year. He was a Chaser and the Captain of their Quidditch team, often playing with a look of trollish cunning on his face. Marcus was one of the students who masqueraded as dementors in an attempt to throw Harry Potter off his game at a Quidditch match.

Flitwick, Prof. Filius Flitwick, Prof. Filius
Born: October 17
Professor Flitwick is a tiny, little wizard who has to stand on a pile of books to see over his desk. The Charms teacher often squeaks when he speaks. He is the head of Ravenclaw house. Despite his small stature, Flitwick is rumored to have been a dueling champion in his younger years. When Death Eaters invaded Hogwarts in ’97, Flitwick went to fetch Prof. Snape for help. Snape knocked him out and left him unconscious while he went to murder Albus Dumbledore.

Flume, Ambrosius Flume, Ambrosius
Ambrosius Flume runs Honeydukes, the sweets shop in Hogsmeade. Flume sends Horace Slughorn a hamper for his birthday every year in gratitude for introducing him to Ciceron Harkiss, who gave him his first job.

Fortescue Fortescue
Being a former Headmaster of Hogwarts, Fortescue has the honor of having his portrait hang behind the desk in the Head office. The corpulent and red nosed wizard is outraged by the corruption of the current Ministry of Magic.

Fortescue, Florean Fortescue, Florean
Florean Fortescue is the owner of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor in Diagon Alley. When Harry Potter spent part of his summer in Diagon Alley in ’93, Florean would help him with his homework and give him free sundaes. He knows a good deal about medieval witch burnings. He was dragged off from his shop in the summer of ’96 when Voldemort’s supporters were wreaking havoc all over the country.

Fridwulfa (the Giantess) Fridwulfa (the Giantess)
Fridwulfa had a son, Rubeus Hagrid, with a wizard. When Rubeus was about three, Fridwulfa lost interest and left them. She rejoined the giant community and had another son, Grawp. Though Grawp was full giant, he was still fairly small, so Fridwulfa was not very proud of him either.

Frobisher, Vicky Frobisher, Vicky
Vicky Frobisher tried out for Keeper on the Gryffindor Quidditch team in ’95. However, she did not make the team because she admittedly was involved in all sorts of societies that she would put over Quidditch, including Charm Club.

Fubster, Colonel Fubster, Colonel
Colonel Fubster is the dog sitter of Marge Dursley.

Fudge, Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Cornelius Oswald
Cornelius Oswald Fudge is a portly, little man with rumpled, gray hair and small feet. He normally wears a pinstriped bottle-green suit, scarlet tie, long black cloak, pointed purple boots and a lime-green bowler that he twirls in his hands when nervous. He was the Minister of Magic until 1996; prior to becoming Minister, Fudge was Junior Minister in the Department of Magical Catastrophes. He became Minister over Bartemius Crouch, whom the public lost confidence in after his son was revealed to be a Death Eater. Fudge used to ask Albus Dumbledore for advice every day until he got it into his head that Dumbledore was after his job. When Dumbledore and Harry Potter began claiming that Voldemort had returned in 1995, Fudge just refused to believe them. He had enough to deal with without their nonsense. He used the Daily Prophet to circulate rumors saying Dumbledore had lost his mind and made it clear that anyone supporting Dumbledore had no place in the Ministry. He did the same thing with Potter and hoped to discredit him further by expelling him from school for defending himself against Dementors. Fudge wanted more control over Hogwarts and passed many decrees throughout the year to get it. He stationed a Ministry official, Dolores Umbridge, at the school as the DADA professor. Umbridge got progressively more power as she became the High Inquisitor and then interim Headmistress. They did not allow the students to actually perform any spells in DADA because Fudge was afraid Dumbledore would use them to form an army against the Ministry. It was not until he was faced with Voldemort in the Ministry itself that he was forced to admit the truth. By that time, however, he had wasted an entire year insisting to the public that they were safe and preoccupied with foolish worries about losing his job. So of course, the magical community screamed for his resignation. Fudge was removed from office in July of ’96, but he stayed on in an advisory capacity, mainly filling the Muggle Prime Minister in on current events.

Fudge, Mrs. Fudge, Mrs.
The wife of Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge.

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