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Karkaroff, Igor Karkaroff, Igor
Igor Karkaroff has short, sleek and silver hair, which used to be black, that match the furs he likes to wear. His curled goatee does not hide his weak chin. He is tall and thin but has yellow teeth and cold, shrew, blue eyes. He has a fruity voice and white skin. Karkaroff was a Death Eater but cut a deal with the Ministry of Magic to be released. He had been caught by Auror Mad-Eye Moody after being tracked for 6 months. He gave up names of many of his fellow Death Eaters, most of whom they already knew about. However, Augustus Rookwood was a big enough name for Karkaroff to be let go. Karkaroff went on to become the Headmaster of the Durmstrang Institute, which was rumored to teach the Dark Arts. He attended the Triwizard Tournament in ’94 in accompaniment of his students, Viktor Krum in particular. When the Dark Lord made his return and summoned his servants, Karkaroff ran because he knew he would not be accepted after having turned others in to save himself. Voldemort requested his death, and his body was found in a shack up north in July of ’96.

Karkus Karkus
Karkus was the Gurg of the giants when Rubeus Hagrid visited. He was 22-23 feet tall and weighed as much as a couple of bull elephants. He had skin like rhino hide. Karkus seemed to be yielding to Hagrid’s entreaties when he was killed by rival giant Golgamath.

Kettleburn, Prof. Kettleburn, Prof.
Professor Kettleburn taught Care of Magical Creatures and retired in the spring of ’93. He apparently lost some limbs while on the job.

Kirke, Andrew Kirke, Andrew
Andrew Kirke tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team in ’95. He made the team as a Beater but was not all that skilled at it.

Kreacher Kreacher
Kreacher was a house-elf at Grimmauld Place for the Black family. He has a large, snout-like nose and bloodshot, watery-gray eyes. He is so old that he has white hair growing out of his bat-like ears. He is hunchback and his skin seems too big for him. He wears a filthy rag tied like a loincloth around his middle. His life’s ambition is to have his head put on a plaque. When his beloved mistress, Mrs. Black, died, Kreacher spent many years in the house with only her screaming portrait. Consequently, he is not quite right in the head and constantly mutter as if no one can hear him (though he could be faking it). He has not cleaned in ages. He hates his mistress’s son, Sirius Black, because he is a blood traitor. If it were possible, he would refuse to follow Sirius’s orders. As it is, he does not listen to Nymphadora Tonks, who is a half-blood. When Grimmauld Place became the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix, Kreacher insulted everyone (especially mudbloods) with his bullfrog-like voice. He was upset when Sirius insisted on defiling all the Black heirlooms and tried to save everything. He kept a horde of treasures in his nest in the boiler space of the kitchen, including his favorite picture of Bellatrix Lestrange (and perhaps Slytherin’s locket?). Since he is not really loyal to Sirius, he took advantage of being told to “get out” at Christmastime to visit the only Black family member he still respected, Narcissa Malfoy. He was instructed to keep Sirius out of the way if Harry Potter tried to contact him about a vision. Kreacher injured Buckbeak the hippogriff to keep Sirius busy and then laughed when Sirius left the house to rescue Harry. He was overjoyed that Sirius died, but to his horror, the Black estate was left to half-blood Harry Potter, including himself. Kreacher was ordered to go work at Hogwarts. He was also assigned to follow Draco Malfoy, for whom he had much respect.

Krum, Mr. Krum, Mr.
Mr. Krum has dark hair and a hooked nose, which he passed on to his son, Viktor. His son is a famous Quidditch player for their country, Bulgaria, and was a Triwizard champion. He and his wife were invited to watch Viktor compete in the final task of the Tournament.

Krum, Mrs. Krum, Mrs.
Mrs. Krum is a dark-haired Bulgarian and the mother of Viktor Krum, famous Quidditch player and a Triwizard champion. She attended the final task of the Tournament to support her son.

Krum, Viktor Krum, Viktor
School:Durmstrang Institute
Appearance:Black eyes
Round-shouldered, duck-footed
Thin, dark and sallow-skinned
Large curved nose
Thick black eyebrows
Surly face
Wand:Gregorovich creation
10 ¼ in.
Dragon Heartstring
Achievements:A Triwizard Tournament Champion
Seeker for Bulgaria

Viktor Krum was the Seeker for the Bulgarian team in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, despite being young and still in school. Viktor deployed the Wronski Feint to plough Ireland’s Seeker. Unfortunately, the Irish Chasers far overmatched Bulgaria, so all Viktor could do was catch the Snitch to stop the bleeding—even as his bludger-bashed nose was bleeding. Bulgaria lost by only 10 points. It’s almost as if he was built for flying, as he is far less coordinated on the ground. Viktor’s still, however, a talented enough wizard to follow up his impressive Quidditch performance by becoming Durmstrang’s Triwizard champion. He had a somewhat flawed but very respectable showing in the Tournament. Unfortunately, he fell under the Imperius Curse during the final task and was forced to Crucio a fellow competitor. Luckily, he was stunned before he could cause too much damage. Even though he went to Durmstrang, he is not a follower of the Dark Arts. Over the course of the year, Viktor had become partial to a certain Hogwarts bookworm, Hermione Granger. He asked her to the Yule Ball and even wanted her to visit him over the summer. He has continued to be friends with and write her since then.

Triwizard Information:
  • 1st task:
    • Faces Chinese Fireball
    • Went 3rd
    • Conjunctivitus in eye
    • Dragon squashed half the real eggs (marks taken off)
    • Score: K-10 = 40 (1st, tied)
  • 2nd task:
    • Hostage: Hermione Granger
    • transfiguration into shark
    • Score = 40 (3rd)
  • 3rd task:
    • 2nd going into 3rd task with 80 pts.
    • Put under Imperius Curse by Crouch Jr. (as Moody)

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