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Rackharrow, Urquhart Rackharrow, Urquhart

Urquhart Rackharrow invented the Entrail-Expelling Curse. The vicious-looking wizard has a portrait in St. Mungo’s Dai Llewellyn ward.

Ragnok Ragnok
Ragnok is the goblin that Bill Weasley talked to on Order business. He was not too supportive as he was still feeling anti-wizard after dealing with Ludo Bagman.

Ravenclaw, Rowena Ravenclaw, Rowena
Rowena Ravenclaw was one of the founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She, Helga Hufflepuff, Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin were the greatest witches and wizards of the age. They wanted to build a place of magic for children to thrive. Ravenclaw preferred the clever and eager to learn students. She and Hufflepuff were good friends.

Riddle, Mr. (Grandfather) Riddle, Mr. (Grandfather)
Mr. Riddle lived in the village of Little Hangleton with his wife and son, Tom Riddle. As he was elderly, rich, snobbish and rude, he was not highly liked by his neighbors. His abandoned wizard grandson, also named Tom Riddle, killed his family out of hatred for his Muggle parentage in 1943. Mr. Riddle’s Muggle neighbors had no idea what Avada Kedavra was (nor did he), so they suspected the gardener, Frank Bryce, of killing the family. With no actual evidence of murders, the mystery remained unsolved.

Riddle, Mrs. (Grandmother) Riddle, Mrs. (Grandmother)
Mrs. Riddle lived in the village of Little Hangleton with her husband and son, Tom Riddle. As she was elderly, rich, snobbish and rude, she was not highly liked by her neighbors. Her abandoned wizard grandson, also named Tom Riddle, killed his family out of hatred for his Muggle parentage in 1943. Mrs. Riddle’s Muggle neighbors had no idea what Avada Kedavra was (nor did she), so they suspected the gardener, Frank Bryce, of killing the family. With no actual evidence of murders, the mystery remained unsolved.

Riddle, Merope (Gaunt) Riddle, Merope (Gaunt)
Merope Gaunt, daughter of Marvolo, was one of the last remaining descendants of Salazar Slytherin. She wore a locket that was an heirloom of his. Living in filth and mistreated by her family, Merope had limp, dull hair and a pale, heavy face. Like Morfin, her eyes stared in different directions. Her father thought she was a Squib, but she was merely terrified of him.

Merope did not quite share the hatred of Muggles that her family had, at least not when it came to Tom Riddle. An attack on him and subsequently a Ministry official put Marvolo and Morfin in prison. Left to her own devices, Merope decided to encourage Riddle into falling in love with her by using magic (either a love potion or the Imperius Curse) on him. Demonstrating that she was not indeed a Squib, she and Riddle ran off to elope. When she became pregnant, she stopped using magic on him in hopes that he would stay with her of his own accord. He didn’t. He returned to Little Hangleton renouncing the marriage and had no interest in the baby. Meanwhile, Merope stopped using magic either because she did not want to be a witch anymore or her unrequited love sapped her of her powers. Alone in London, she naively sold Slytherin’s locket at Borgin and Burkes for a mere 10 Galleons. Merope no longer cared about her ancestry, she was too depressed to do anything. She gave birth to a baby boy within an hour of entering a Muggle orphanage and then died within another hour. Though the lineage she passed on to her son, Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr., was a source of pride; the fact that she chose death over her baby incurred his scorn. Leaving him like a cast off with Muggles, Merope had given birth to the future Dark Lord, Voldemort.

Riddle, Tom Sr. Riddle, Tom Sr.
Tom Riddle lived in the village of Little Hangleton with his elderly parents. He was very much like them, except even more snobbish and rude. The son of a squire, he enjoyed riding horses with his darling Cecilia. He was a handsome and dark-haired young man. Merope Gaunt, a witch living on the edge of town, fell in love with Tom and bewitched the Muggle into marrying her. Feeling secure of his love, Merope stopped the enchantment when she became pregnant. Tom, however, was disgusted by the situation he found himself in. He left her and returned home without a second thought for her or their child. Tom would pay for that when the child grew up. Merope had named their son after him but had died in childbirth. Tom Riddle, Jr. grew up in an orphanage before discovering he was a wizard. Once he learned of his origins, he went to Little Hangleton in 1943 to find out more. When he realized that his father was a Muggle and had treated his mother badly, he murdered his father and grandparents. The Riddles’ Muggle neighbors had no idea what Avada Kedavra was (nor did they themselves), so they suspected the gardener, Frank Bryce, of killing the family. With no actual evidence of murders, the mystery remained unsolved. Tom was buried in the nearby cemetery, where his son later used his bones to resurrect himself.

Riddle, Tom Marvolo "Voldemort" Riddle, Tom Marvolo "Voldemort"
Born:December 31, 1926
Name analysis:French: vol de mort= flight of death

Tom Marvolo Riddle was born in a Muggle orphanage in London to Merope Gaunt, who died giving birth. All he knew about his father was that his name was Tom Riddle. He was a tall, good-looking, black-haired boy. Tom was an odd boy and he was suspected of bullying the other children. He showed disturbing characteristics of cruelty, secrecy and domination. He would also steal things from other children and consider them trophies. One day, Albus Dumbledore showed up and offered him a place at his school; he also told Tom that he was special—magical. Tom was eager to go to the school, a place where he could be somebody. He was especially eager to start using his magical power, which he already had some control over. He even developed a knack for Legilimency and possession at a young age. Since he had always been alone, Tom was determined to be independent. He always made sure to keep important things to himself.

As a charming, talented orphan with a thirst for knowledge, he impressed most of the staff at Hogwarts. Tom was a Slytherin from the moment he adorned the Sorting Hat. Upon entering the school, he began making a group of diverse friends who were dedicated to him. During the group’s tenure at Hogwarts, there were many nasty incidents that could never quite be traced to them. On the surface, Tom was a model student, prefect and even Head Boy. But there were more important things to him. Tom thought for sure that his father had been a wizard, as he could not believe his mother would have died if she could do magic. So obsessed with determining his parentage, he began researching his father. When he finally had to admit the magic must have come from his mother, he was ashamed of her weakness. But he was more ashamed that his father was not magical, so he dropped the name he had always hated for its commonness anyway. He rearranged the letters of his full name to create the moniker “I Am Lord Voldemort.” To his cohorts, he would from then on be Lord Voldemort. Making the connection between his ability to speak Parseltongue and Salazar Slytherin’s renown for it, Tom determined he must be his heir. Though they were taught that the Chamber of Secrets was just a legend, he spent years finding out everything he could about it. In his fifth year, he finally found the entrance and unleashed the basilisk within. He agreed with Slytherin’s belief that the school should be purged of Mudbloods. However, when faced with the possibility of the school closing, he decided to frame another student, Rubeus Hagrid, and close the Chamber for the time being. Hogwarts was the only place to which he had ever felt attached. He received the Award for Special Services to the School for his trouble. He also had a Medal for Magical Merit. He preserved the memory of himself inside a diary so that one day he could lead someone else to finish Slytherin’s noble work.

When Voldemort was 16, he went in search of his relatives over the summer. He had discovered that Slytherin’s surviving line was the Gaunt family. He made his way to Little Hangleton and came upon his uncle, Morfin. He found out that his grandfather, Marvolo, had already died. He also learned the story of how his father had abandoned his mother and that his father was still in the village. Though he framed Morfin for it, he murdered his father and grandparents, already adept at the Killing Curse. He took from Morfin a ring that was a Slytherin heirloom. He went back to school and asked his potions professor, who obviously favored him, about the creation of Horcruxes. He had always had the talent to carefully flatter people into giving him what he wanted. Prof. Slughorn told him exactly what he needed to know; all he had to do was commit a murder to split and seal part of his soul in an object and that he could do this multiple times to ensure a better chance at survival. Determined not to succumb to death like his mother, he would do whatever it took to be strong and powerful. He sealed pieces of his soul in his diary and his newly acquired ring (which he then buried in the Gaunt house).

Voldemort wanted to stay on as a professor at Hogwarts, but when told he was too young, he left. Though with his marks and merits, he could have easily gotten a high position somewhere, Voldemort chose instead to work at Borgin and Burkes. He specialized in persuading people to part with their treasures so the shop could resell them. He liked this job because it allowed him to come across significant magical objects. He managed to secure the locket of Slytherin (that had once belonged to his mother) and the cup of Helga Hufflepuff, framing the murder on the owner’s old house-elf. These were perfect to turn into Horcruxes. Voldemort wanted to use objects of powerful magical history because he believed anything associated with himself had to be great. He knew he would be legendary. He spent the next ten years probably delving deeper into the Dark Arts, experimenting with the boundaries of magic and finding yet other ways to cheat death (the physical changes were already showing). He had already started a group of followers called the Death Eaters. The group had followed him from when they were students at Hogwarts. He resurfaced to once more ask for the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position. The castle was a wealth of magic and the idea of influencing young minds was appealing to him. Dumbledore, then the headmaster, refused him. If he had wanted to find another object in which to seal part of his soul, he would have to do without. Hogwarts has never been able to keep a DADA professor for more than a year ever since the refusal.

It would be many more years before Voldemort felt he was ready to openly recruit followers in his quest for power. His ideals were popular among the pure-blooded and power hungry. His Death Eaters reveled in the Dark Arts and the freedom to practice them on Muggles. By this time, an opposition had arisen against them. Voldemort requested one of his Death Eaters, Severus Snape, get a position at Hogwarts so that he could spy on Dumbledore. Snape obligingly sought out an interview and in the process got something more valuable. He overheard a foretelling of the birth of one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord. Voldemort was very interested to hear this; unfortunately, Snape did not hear the end of the prophecy. The prophecy could be applicable to two boys born that July; Voldemort decided that Harry Potter, a half-blood like himself, was more of a threat. Snape eventually did get hired by Hogwarts and became a double agent. Another spy, Peter Pettigrew (“Wormtail”), turned over the Potters’ location to Voldemort, and he set out to kill them on Halloween night in ’81. He killed the husband before offering the wife freedom if she left the baby. She refused, so he killed her too. Unfortunately, that apparently set in effect an ancient magic. When Voldemort used the Killing Curse on the infant, her sacrifice caused the curse to rebound off the boy and back at himself. Though his body was gone, the Dark Lord still existed somewhere courtesy of the measures he took to evade death.

Lord Voldemort was unheard from for over a decade, and most of the wizarding world were convinced he was gone. Some of his Death Eaters were sent to prison, others denied serving him. It was not until he came upon Quirrell, who would be the new DADA professor at Hogwarts, that he had a chance to return to the corporeal world. He shared Quirrell’s body that year and forced him to drink unicorn blood. They attempted to steal the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone so he could use the Elixir of Life; however, they were thwarted once again by Harry Potter and his mother’s sacrificial remnants. Voldemort left Quirrell to die and hoped for another opportunity to appear. He resorted to possessing snakes, but that was only a short-term solution. Unknown to him, an old Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy, positioned his old diary in Hogwarts to reopen the Chamber of Secrets. The scheme was nearly successful in bringing his 16-year-old self out of the diary and into the modern world, but yet again Potter stopped it and destroyed the diary and, along with it, a piece of his soul. Finally in ’94, he was found in the Black Forest of Albania by Wormtail, incompetent but lucky. Wormtail brought him a Ministry witch with useful information. Through her, the Dark Lord learned that one of his most faithful servants, Bartemius Crouch, Jr., was still alive. He positioned him at Hogwarts under orders to send the Potter boy to him to carry out a ritual to get his body back. The Dark Lord at that time resembled a crouched human child, hairless and scaly. Blind and limbs feeble, he needed Wormtail to tend to him while they waited in his father’s old home. Frank Bryce, the Muggle gardener who had been suspected of killing the Riddles, happened upon them. Voldemort killed him on the spot, possibly using him to create his seventh Horcrux in Nagini, his pet snake. He believed 7 was a powerful magical number and the perfect way to split his soul. In June ’95, Crouch delivered Potter as promised and Wormtail executed the potion. It required blood from his enemy (Potter), bone from his father (so they did it at the graveyard) and flesh from a servant (Wormtail cut his own hand off). The resurrection was a complete success and Voldemort had a brand new body. He barely even resembled a human anymore; his nose was flat like a snake with slits for nostrils, red eyes also in slits and white, spidery fingers.

Now able to perform magic, his Death Eaters were restored to him. He challenged Potter to a duel, just to show off how he was the superior wizard. They were astonished to discover that they had brother wands, which caused the Reverse Spell Effect when they connected. Potter managed to escape because of this. The Ministry refused to believe Potter’s story, so Voldemort took advantage of it and laid low until he knew how to proceed. He decided he had to hear the complete prophecy to find out just what he was up against. Since it could only be retrieved by either him or Potter, he lured Potter to the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry to get it. He had realized that the scar he had left on Potter so many years ago actually formed a connection between their minds. His servants were sent to make sure the plan was successful, but they disappointed him. Not only was the prophecy lost to him forever, but also most of his elite Death Eaters were captured. He showed up at the Ministry himself and battled with Dumbledore. Now exposed to the public, he set about to create chaos. The dementors of Azkaban entered his service, his Death Eaters were killing and causing Muggle disasters and he threatened to unleash a malicious werewolf, Fenrir Greyback, on the children of those who would not cooperate. The Dark Lord then ordered the death of Albus Dumbledore.

Robards, Gawain Robards, Gawain
Gawain Robards succeeded Rufus Scrimgeour as Head of the Auror office in 1996.

Roberts Roberts
Mr. Roberts was a Muggle campsite manager of a field during the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. He lived there in a cottage. He and his family were tortured and paraded by Death Eaters. He had to have his memory modified dozens of times.

Robins, Demelza Robins, Demelza
Demelza Robins made the Gryffindor Quidditch team in ’96. As a Chaser, she was quite good at dodging bludgers. Unfortunately, she could use some work on dodging Ron Weasley’s fist. Nevertheless, she helped the team win the Quidditch Cup that season.

Ronan Ronan
Ronan has a slow, doleful voice. He is a centaur with red hair and beard. Ronan has a gleaming chestnut body and a long, reddish tail. He does not like to hurt the young.

Rookwood, Augustus Rookwood, Augustus
Augustus Rookwood is pockmarked with scars and has greasy hair. He worked for the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic but was a spy for the Dark Lord. He had a network of well-placed wizards he used to collect information for his master, including Ludo Bagman (he had been a friend of Ludo’s father). Rookwood was ratted out by Igor Karkaroff. He escaped from Azkaban during the mass breakout in January ’96. Knowing how things in the Dept. of Mysteries work, he told Voldemort that Broderick Bode could not have taken the prophecy. He was also one of the Death Eaters who ambushed Harry Potter at the Department that June (at which time he was recaptured).

Rosier Rosier
Rosier was one of the Death Eaters who waited at the Hog’s Head while Voldemort went up to Hogwarts seeking a teaching position in the ’50s. Likely the father of Evan Rosier.

Rosier, Evan Rosier, Evan
Evan Rosier was part of a gang of Slytherins in the ’70s who all turned out to be Death Eaters: Snape, Avery, Wilkes and the Lestranges. There is some discrepancy over when Rosier died. One story says he was killed by Aurors the year before the Dark Lord fell. Another story states they killed him shortly after Igor Karkaroff was caught at the time Death Eaters were being rounded up after Voldemort’s fall. Nevertheless, Rosier preferred to fight rather than go quietly; he took a chunk out of Auror Mad-Eye Moody’s nose.

Rosmerta, Madam Rosmerta, Madam
Madam Rosmerta is a curvy sort of woman with a pretty face. She runs the Three Broomsticks bar in Hogsmeade. In ’96-’97, Rosmerta was put under the Imperius Curse and forced to do the biddings of Death Eaters. Draco Malfoy used enchanted coins to communicate with her. She put the Imperius on Katie Bell to deliver a package containing a cursed necklace up to the castle to Albus Dumbledore. After that scheme failed, she sent poisoned mead to Horace Slughorn, also intended for Dumbledore. On the night the Death Eaters infiltrated Hogwarts, Rosmerta informed Draco that Dumbledore had left the school and then made sure Dumbledore went to the Dark Mark when he returned.

Ryan, Barry Ryan, Barry
Barry Ryan was the Keeper for Ireland’s 1994 Quidditch World Cup team. Currently on the Irish International team, he made a great save against Ladislaw Zamojski, Poland’s top chaser.

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