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Umbridge, Dolores Jane Umbridge, Dolores Jane
Dolores Umbridge is a squat witch with short, curly mouse-brown hair in which she places a horrible pink Alice band that matches the fluffy pink cardigan she wears over her robes. She has a pallid, toadlike face and bulging, pouchy eyes. She’ll also wear a black velvet bow on top of her head that looks like a large fly perched on top of an even larger toad. Her broad, flabby face includes a very wide, slack mouth out of which come the most infuriating statements (made all the worse by her fluttery, girlish, high-pitched voice). She uses her thick, stubby fingers with ugly old rings to hold her unusually short wand.

The simpering witch is the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister and sits to the right of the Minister on the Wizengamot. She absolutely loathes part-humans. She drafted an anti-werewolf legislation in ’94 and campaigned to have merpeople rounded up and tagged in ’95. Also in the summer of ’95, Umbridge sent dementors after Harry Potter to silence him. When Albus Dumbledore could not find a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher quick enough, the Ministry of Magic passed a new law that allowed them to place one. So Umbridge became the DADA professor at Hogwarts (1995-96). In September, she was elected as Hogwart’s first and only High Inquisitor to allow even more Ministry meddling. This allowed her to evaluate and dismiss other teachers, which she soon did. After Dumbledore was forced to leave Hogwarts, Umbridge instated herself as Headmistress as well.

Her reign of terror at Hogwarts included censorship, invasion of privacy, and corporal punishment/torture. Umbridge chose a select few students and named them the Inquisitorial Squad, giving them privileges to carry out her orders. Her detentions consisted of students using a special quill to carve lines into their hands until they bled. She was even unstable enough to attempt the Cruciatus Curse on a student (Potter) in front of others. However, they tricked her into going into the Forbidden Forest where she proceeded to insult a herd of centaurs. The centaurs carried her off, but Dumbledore eventually went to retrieve her. She spent some time in the hospital wing in a state of shock, and from that point on she had an irrational fear of hoof noises. Umbridge no longer had a job at Hogwarts but was still welcome at the corrupt Ministry.

Uric the Oddball Uric the Oddball
Uric the Oddball was mentioned by Prof. Binns in the first History of Magic lesson. He lived in Medieval times and wore a jellyfish for a hat.

Urquhart Urquhart
Urquhart became Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team in his first year as Chaser in ’96.

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