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Zabini, Blaise Zabini, Blaise
Blaise Zabini is in the Slytherin class of ’98. Blaise is tall and black with high cheekbones and long slanting eyes. His mother is a famously beautiful witch who had been married seven times. By some strange chance, her husbands kept dying and leaving her with all their gold. Her fame earned him an invitation to join the Slug Club in ’96, but he was unimpressed by Slughorn’s other picks. Blaise occasionally hangs out with Draco Malfoy and gang. He hates blood traitors.

Zamojski, Ladislaw Zamojski, Ladislaw
Ladislaw Zamojski is the top Chaser for Poland.

Zeller, Rose Zeller, Rose
Rose Zeller was the last to be sorted into Hufflepuff’s class of 2002.

Zograf Zograf
Zograf was the Keeper for Bulgaria’s 1994 Quidditch World Cup team.

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