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The Creevey Family
Creevey, Colin Creevey, Colin
Colin Creevey is in Gryffindor’s class of ’99. He is a small, mousy-haired boy. His father is a Muggle milkman. His younger brother is Dennis Creevey. Colin seems to have a camera attached to him constantly. He has hero-worshipped Harry Potter ever since he heard his story. Colin spent much of his first year following Harry around and trying to get his picture. He only stopped when he was petrified by a basilisk. He had seen it through the lens of his camera, so he luckily wasn’t killed. His camera, sadly, was not as lucky. He was revived at the end of the year. Colin and his brother tried to alter the “Potter Stinks” badges during the Triwizard Tournament, but they ended up turning them into “Potter Really Stinks” badges. Colin was a member of the D.A., which helped him master the Impediment Jinx.

Creevey, Dennis Creevey, Dennis
Dennis is Colin Creevey’s younger brother. He, too, is tiny and mousy-haired. He is in the Gryffindor class of 2001. Dennis helped Colin try to alter the “Potter Stinks” badges, but the magic was too much for the first year, and they ended up with “Potter Really Stinks” badges. In his 2nd year, Dennis snuck into Hogsmeade just so he could attend the meeting to start up the D.A.

Creevey, Mr. Creevey, Mr.
Mr. Creevey is a Muggle milkman. His sons, Colin and Dennis, are wizards.

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