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The Delacour Family
?, (Fleur's grandmother) ?, (Fleur's grandmother)
The Veela grandmother of Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour. She contributed a hair to be used as the core of Fleur’s wand.

Delacour, Fleur Delacour, Fleur
School:Beauxbatons Academy
Appearance:Long silvery-blonde hair
Large, deep blue eyes
White even teeth
Haughty and unruffled (except when she gets ruffled)
Wand:9 ˝ in.
Veela hair from her grandmother
Achievements:A Triwizard Tournament Champion

Fleur Delacour is one-quarter veela courtesy of her grandmother. She is also of French descent and attended Beauxbatons Academy. In 1994, Fleur made the trip to Hogwarts in hopes of entering the Triwizard Tournament. She, of course, was chosen to be the champion representing her school. The veela blood may possibly cause her to be just a touch temperamental and conceited. Though she competed proudly, Fleur did not do quite as well as her counterparts. She did decently in the first task, could not complete the second task, and was taken out of contention in the third task through interference. Since the contest was rigged, Fleur never had a chance; though that was probably a good thing, considering what happened to Cedric Diggory. She did, however, part on good terms with fellow champion, Harry Potter, when he rescued her sister, Gabrielle, in the second task.

After leaving school the next year, Fleur decided the move to England to work and improve her English. She got a job at Gringotts, coincidentally the same place Bill Weasley, whom she’d noticed during the Tournament, worked. After dating for about a year, they got engaged in the summer of ’96. They plan on having the wedding the following summer. It was difficult getting Bill’s family to accept her at first; they seemed to be under the impression that she did not genuinely care for him. The Weasleys were not too subtle about their dislike, so Fleur did the same in turn. However, Fleur proved that she wanted Bill for more than his looks by standing by him after a werewolf had mauled him. Once this was established, her future mother-in-law, Molly, promptly embraced her.

Triwizard Information:
  • 1st task:
    • Faces Welsh Green
    • Went 2nd
    • Took her about 10 minutes
    • Put a charm on dragon to make it sleepy
    • Skirt caught fire when it snored
  • 2nd task:
    • Bubble-Head Charm, couldn’t handle grindylows
    • Hostage: Gabrielle Delacour
    • Score = 25 (4th)
  • 3rd task:
    • 4th going into 3rd task
    • Stunned by Crouch Jr. (as Moody)

Delacour, Gabrielle Delacour, Gabrielle
Gabrielle Delacour was no more than 8 years old when she took part in the Triwizard Tournament as the ‘hostage’ for her sister, Fleur. She was saved by Harry Potter when Fleur was unable to reach her. Like her sister, she is the granddaughter of a veela, giving her the same looks and silvery hair.

Delacour, Mrs. Delacour, Mrs.
Mother of Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour. She attended the final task of the Triwizard Tournament to watch Fleur compete as a champion.

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