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The Diggory Family
 The Diggorys live near Stoatshead Hill. They attended the Quidditch World Cup in 1994.

Diggory, Amos Diggory, Amos
Amos Diggory looks like a brown bearded egg (ruddy faced wizard with a scrubby brown beard). He works in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Like most fathers, he is extremely proud of his son, Cedric, and loves to brag about him. In fact, he had plenty to boast about, as his son was a Quidditch Captain and Triwizard champion. Tragically, Cedricís talent co-won him the Tournament (with Harry Potter) and led to his murder by Peter Pettigrew on Voldemortís orders. His only consolation was that Harry brought Cedricís body back. Amos was devastated when he heard the story of his sonís death.

Diggory, Cedric Diggory, Cedric
Born:1977 - June 24, 1995
Appearance:Tall, Dark hair
Gray eyes, Straight nose
Wand(s):12 ľ in.
Unicorn hair core
Hobbies:Quidditch (seeker, captain)
A Triwizard Tournament Champion & (deceased) winner

Cedric Diggory was well loved in the Hufflepuff House. He was smart, athletic, nice and handsome. Cedric was the Seeker and captain of the Quidditch team. He had the distinction of being the only person to catch the Snitch against Harry Potter. Hufflepuff does not often get a claim to fame, so they gave Cedric their full support when he became Hogwartís Triwizard champion. His housemates were irritated when it seemed like Harry Potter was taking some of the spotlight away from Cedric by taking his title of lone Hogwarts champion. However, Cedric was always gracious and never let anything go to his head. He went to the Yule Ball with the Ravenclaw Seeker, Cho Chang. Cedric performed very well in the Tournament; he went into the final task tied for first place. During this final task, a fellow competitor Viktor Krum, who was under the Imperius Curse, used the Cruciatus Curse on Cedric. Luckily, he was saved by Harry before too much damage had been inflicted. In the end, the two of them decided to call the contest a tie and take the Triwizard Cup together. The Cup turned out to be a portkey that transported them into the hands of Voldemort. Before Cedric knew what was happening, Peter Pettigrew, a Death Eater, had used the Killing Curse on him. Harry was forced to duel with Voldemort, and their brother wands produced the Reverse Spell effect. Cedricís shadow came out of Voldemortís wand and helped Harry escape; he also asked Harry to bring his body back to his parents. At the Leaving Feast, Cedricís memory was toasted.

Triwizard Information:
  • 1st task:
    • Swedish Short-Snout
    • Went 1st
    • Transfigured a rock on the ground into a Labrador for the dragon to chase
    • Got burned
    • Score = 38
  • 2nd task:
    • Hostage: Cho Chang
    • Bubblehead Charm
    • 1 hour 1 min
    • Score = 47 (1st)
  • 3rd task:
    • Tied for 1st going into 3rd task with 85 pts.
    • Touched the Triwizard Cup at the same time as Harry Potter
"Remember, the time should come when we have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory." Dumbledore about Cedric (IV.724)

Diggory, Mrs. Diggory, Mrs.
Mrs. Diggory is the mother of the popular and athletic Cedric Diggory. Sadly, Cedric paid for his ability when winning the Triwizard Tournament cost him his life. He was murdered in cold blood by Peter Pettigrew on the orders of Voldemort. Harry Potter, who was with Cedric, brought his body back. By the time Mrs. Diggory heard the account directly from Harry, she was already beyond tears. She was just grateful that Cedric died happy, thinking he had won the Tournament.

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