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The Granger Family
Granger, Hermione Jean Granger, Hermione Jean
Born:September 19, 1979
Appearance:Bushy brown hair
Brown eyes
Large front teeth (shrunken in 4th year)
Wand(s):Vine wood
Pet(s):Crookshanks (cat)
Going to class
Taking exams
Prized Possession(s):Hogwarts, A History (IV.238-A Revised History of Hogwarts/A Highly Biased and Selective History of Hogwarts, Which Glosses Over the Nastier Aspects of the School)
Fear(s):Failure (imperfection)
Not fond of flying
Achievement(s):Gryffindor Prefect
112% on Charms exam (1st year)
320% on Muggle Studies exam
Founder of S.P.E.W.
11 O.W.L.s
Goal(s):Being the best at everything
Free house-elves everywhere, whether they want it or not

Hermione Granger was surprised, but very pleased, when she received her Hogwarts acceptance letter. Always excited to learn new things, Hermione got her hands on all the books she could to read about the Wizarding world to ensure she was well prepared. She can be rather bossy and a stickler for the rules, which is why she had trouble making friends at first. It also didn’t help that her perfectionist nature let her excel in all her classes. She is firm in her belief that a library will have all the answers one could want (she is rumored to carry 20 books with her at any given time). Though she sometimes has to contend with prejudice as a Muggle-born, Hermione has the distinction of being called many times the cleverest witch of her year. It wasn’t until they saved her from a mountain troll that she became friends with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, but from that point on they were virtually inseparable. Hermione is invaluable to them as a source of knowledge and homework help. With their friendship, Hermione learned to loosen up a bit and have a life outside of studying. She plays a large role in keeping them alive through their dangerous adventures and rule breaking.

Her second year at Hogwarts was a difficult time for Hermione. The opening of the Chamber of Secrets put all non-pure-bloods in danger. This fear compelled Hermione to defy the rules and brew the Polyjuice Potion in hopes of finding the offender, but a mishap led to her turning into a black cat for two months. Then, right when she finally discovered what the monster of the Chamber was, she got petrified for the remainder of the school year before she could tell anyone. Luckily she had the foresight to write down her discovery, which Harry eventually discovered. Spending a third of the school year in the hospital wing and waking up to discover exams had been cancelled was a dreadful ordeal for Hermione.

To recuperate from this experience, Hermione spent the following summer with her parents in France. While not quite as perilous (well, except for the escaped mass murder and dementors, of course), her 3rd year at Hogwarts was equally trying. Eager to learn everything possible, Hermione applied for a Time-Turner in order to be able to take every class offered. Taking her first step into non-human rights, Hermione also spent much of her time helping Hagrid prepare for the trial of Buckbeak, the hippogriff. Though she gave it a good run, she eventually wore herself into exhaustion and irritability. To make things worse, Hermione was not on speaking terms with Harry and Ron for much of the year. The frustration and loneliness was too much for Hermione; she finally decided to scale down her schedule for next year and, thankfully, she had made up with her friends. Before giving it up, however, she used her Time-Turner to help Harry save his godfather, Sirius Black.

Her fourth year was an eye-opener for Hermione; it was the year she discovered the oppression of house-elves. Outraged by their, in her opinion, cruel treatment and complete lack of rights, Hermione began an organization called S.P.E.W. in an effort to free them. Her stubbornness and ideals kept her from accepting that they may not want her help. It was also an eventful year that consisted of her first date, with Viktor Krum, dealing with a jealous Ron and helping Harry train for the Tri-Wizard Tournament. It was the first time Hermione showed a more girlish side by shrinking her teeth and primping for the Yule Ball. Showing this side, however, led reporter Rita Skeeter to target her in a tantalizing (if fictional) story about a love-triangle between herself, Krum, and Harry. Hermione got revenge when she discovered that Skeeter was an Animagus and used it to blackmail her into silence.

With the fifth year came Hermione’s proud moment of receiving her Prefect badge. She also renews her dedication to freeing house-elves by knitting deformed hats and hoping to trick the elves into taking them. Hermione coerces Harry into starting the D.A. to help them prepare for the upcoming dangers (and O.W.L.s). With the school submerged in censorship, Hermione used her pet reporter to help Harry convince the world that Voldemort was really back. During all this, she gets very stressed out and temperamental when faced with the all-important O.W.L. exams. Afterwards, Hermione and friends followed Harry to the Ministry of Magic on a doomed escapade from which she sustained a serious injury.

Hermione seems to spend a lot less time with her parents recently, preferring instead to be with her friends on school holidays. She was left slightly disappointed with her O.W.L. results, collecting only 10 ‘Outstandings’ and 1 ‘Exceeds Expectations.’ Most of her sixth year was employed intent on doing better at Potions than Harry. The drama between Hermione and Ron reached extreme rough patches (her attacking him with conjured birds) throughout the year, but they appear to have come to an understanding at the end of it.

Quotes Quotes
"He looks really grumpy." (IV.83)
"He’s not even good looking! They only like him because he’s famous! They wouldn’t even look twice at him if he couldn’t do that Wonky-Faint thing-" Hermione on Krum(IV.317)

Ron grinned nervously at him, and Harry grinned back.
Hermione burst into tears.
'There’s nothing to cry about!' Harry told her, bewildered.
'You two are so stupid!' she shouted, stamping her foot on the ground, tears splashing down her front. Then, before either of them could stop her, she had given both of them a hug and dashed away, now positively howling.
'Barking mad,' said Ron, shaking his head.

"As a matter of fact," said Hermione sweetly, "that’s exactly what Little Miss Perfect does want." Hermione about herself (V.566)

Misc. Information Misc. Information
  • First words: "Has anyone seen a toad? Neville’s lost one." (I.105)
  • Goes to Yule Ball with Vicky Krum
         - Used Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion on her hair to make it sleek and shiny, twisted up into an elegant knot on the back of her head
  • Dress robes made of a floaty periwinkle blue material
  • Starts subscribing to the Daily Prophet in March 1995
  • Knows how to knit (sort of). Can do baubles and patterns (by magic). Is really a slow knitter without magic.
  • Says "Voldemort" for the first time on V.328
  • Face glows when she sees new books
  • Was seriously considered for Ravenclaw by the Sorting Hat, but was apparently meant for Gryffindor

    Christmas ‘95
  • New Theory of Numerology from Harry
  • Perfume from Ron
  • Dreadful at Quidditch
  • Confunded Cormac McLaggen for Ron during Quidditch tryouts

    Granger, Mr. Granger, Mr.
    Mr. Granger is a Muggle dentist whose daughter, Hermione, is a witch. As Hermione gets older, he gets to see a lot less of his daughter. She already spends most of the year at boarding school, but lately she has been spending the majority of her holidays with her friends as well. He understands that Hermione is very serious about her schoolwork, of which he is immensely proud of, but he hopes there isn’t more to it than she is telling them. The only other interaction he has had with the Magical world is when Hermione’s friend’s strange father, Arthur Weasley, goes on and on about something called escapators.

    Granger, Mrs. Granger, Mrs.
    Mrs. Granger is a Muggle dentist whose daughter, Hermione, is a witch. She doesn’t get to see her daughter as much now that she’s getting older. Hermione goes to a boarding school, and recently even a large part of her holidays have been spent with school friends. Mrs. Granger is pleased that Hermione is so earnest about her exams, but she does miss her and hopes that’s all there is to it. She has only seen the Magical community once or twice, but she had no idea what was going on. Arthur Weasley, the father of a friend of Hermione’s, kept pestering them about their paper money.

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