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Aragog Aragog
Aragog comes from a distant land but was brought to Rubeus Hagrid as an egg. Hagrid raised him in the dungeon of the school. He had a large, low slung, hairy body and a tangle of black legs. The acromantula had many eyes and a pair of razor sharp pincers. Hagrid was framed for opening the Chamber of Secrets, and Aragog was framed for being the monster who had killed a girl. Afterwards, Hagrid sent Aragog to live in the Forbidden Forest where he lived for over half a century. By then he was the size of a small elephant and had milky white eyes. He lived in a misty domed web in a hollow with his wife, Mosag, and their millions of children. He does not harm Hagrid, but any other human he comes across will be killed. Aragog died in 1997.

Bandon Banshee Bandon Banshee
The Bandon Banshee was banished by a witch with a harelip, though Gilderoy Lockhart takes the credit for it.

Bane Bane
Bane has a black body and beard. He is wild-looking and very loyal to the centaur ways of life.

Dobby Dobby
Born: June 28

Dobby used to be the Malfoy family’s house-elf. Living with Dark wizards means Dobby hears many things, such as plans to unleash a monster at Hogwarts School. Dobby is a huge fan of Harry Potter and was horrified by the thought of him being hurt. He took it upon himself to keep Harry Potter from going back to school by stealing his letters so he thought he had no friends and getting him in trouble with the Ministry. However, speaking badly about his masters is against the house-elf code of conduct; so Dobby made sure he hurt himself every time he did. When Harry Potter insisted on going back to school, Dobby hexed a bludger to knock him off his broom in a Quidditch match. Harry Potter broke his arm but still would not listen to him. Happily, Harry Potter survived the dangers and even did Dobby the honor of tricking Lucius Malfoy into freeing Dobby with a sock. Two years later, Dobby got a job at Hogwarts and was even being paid wages. He was never like other house-elves, as he is so often reminded by his cousin, Winky, who also works there. Dobby uses his wages to buy more clothes.

Clothes are Dobby’s true joy. When he was enslaved, all he had to wear was an old pillowcase. After being freed, he wore a tea cozy with bright badges pinned to it for a hat, a tie patterned with horseshoes over his bare chest and a pair of children’s soccer shorts. He has many pairs of socks, making sure to wear ones that do not match. Dobby also was the recipient of Hermione Granger’s knitted hats. He had to clean the Gryffindor Common Room by himself because the hidden clothes insulted the other house-elves. So Dobby would wear all the hats at the same time, extending his head by 2-3 feet. Dobby has large, bat-like ears; bulging green eyes the size of tennis balls; and a long, thin pencil-shaped nose.

Dobby is always looking for ways to help the great Harry Potter. When he overheard a way for to breathe underwater, he immediately stole some gilly weed and gave it to Harry Potter so he could complete the Triwizard Tournament task. He was eager to offer his services when Harry Potter needed someone to spy on Draco Malfoy. Not like that bad house-elf, Kreacher, who treats Harry Potter sir appallingly.

Firenze "Dobbin" "nag" Firenze "Dobbin" "nag"
Firenze is a centaur with white-blond hair and a palomino body. He often gazes at the stars with his blue eyes that are like pale sapphires. Firenze helped Harry Potter escape from Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest in his first year. He let Harry ride on his back, which is unthinkable for centaurs. Firenze did Albus Dumbledore a favor by agreeing to teach Divination in ’96 when Prof. Trelawney was fired. He was attacked and banished by his herd for entering into the service of humans and teaching them the secrets of his kind. Luckily the groundskeeper, Hagrid, saved him; otherwise Firenze would probably have been killed. He continued to share the Divination teaching duties with Prof. Trelawney the following year.

Golgamath Golgamath
Golgamath has black hair and teeth and a necklace of bones. He is sympathetic to the Death Eater cause, so he killed the current Gurg, Karkus. He tossed Karkus’s head into a lake and took over as Gurg.

Griphook Griphook
Griphook works for Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The goblin carted Harry Potter down to his vault the first time.

Hokey Hokey
Hokey was a house-elf who worked for Hepzibah Smith. She was very tiny and stayed with her mistress until she was very old. Her paper-thin skin hung off her like her linen toga. Hokey was convicted of accidentally poisoning her mistress, but she was actually framed by Tom Riddle.

Karkus Karkus
Karkus was the Gurg of the giants when Rubeus Hagrid visited. He was 22-23 feet tall and weighed as much as a couple of bull elephants. He had skin like rhino hide. Karkus seemed to be yielding to Hagrid’s entreaties when he was killed by rival giant Golgamath.

Kreacher Kreacher
Kreacher was a house-elf at Grimmauld Place for the Black family. He has a large, snout-like nose and bloodshot, watery-gray eyes. He is so old that he has white hair growing out of his bat-like ears. He is hunchback and his skin seems too big for him. He wears a filthy rag tied like a loincloth around his middle. His life’s ambition is to have his head put on a plaque. When his beloved mistress, Mrs. Black, died, Kreacher spent many years in the house with only her screaming portrait. Consequently, he is not quite right in the head and constantly mutter as if no one can hear him (though he could be faking it). He has not cleaned in ages. He hates his mistress’s son, Sirius Black, because he is a blood traitor. If it were possible, he would refuse to follow Sirius’s orders. As it is, he does not listen to Nymphadora Tonks, who is a half-blood. When Grimmauld Place became the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix, Kreacher insulted everyone (especially mudbloods) with his bullfrog-like voice. He was upset when Sirius insisted on defiling all the Black heirlooms and tried to save everything. He kept a horde of treasures in his nest in the boiler space of the kitchen, including his favorite picture of Bellatrix Lestrange (and perhaps Slytherin’s locket?). Since he is not really loyal to Sirius, he took advantage of being told to “get out” at Christmastime to visit the only Black family member he still respected, Narcissa Malfoy. He was instructed to keep Sirius out of the way if Harry Potter tried to contact him about a vision. Kreacher injured Buckbeak the hippogriff to keep Sirius busy and then laughed when Sirius left the house to rescue Harry. He was overjoyed that Sirius died, but to his horror, the Black estate was left to half-blood Harry Potter, including himself. Kreacher was ordered to go work at Hogwarts. He was also assigned to follow Draco Malfoy, for whom he had much respect.

Magorian Magorian
Magorian is a chestnut centaur. He has a proud, high cheekbone face and long black hair. He seems to be the leader of the centaur herd in the Forbidden Forest and resolute on not submitting to humans.

Merchieftainess Murcus Merchieftainess Murcus
Merchieftainess Murcus is the wild and ferocious looking leader of the mermen and merwomen of the lake at Hogwarts. She tells Dumbledore what happens in the lake during the 2nd task of the Triwizard Tournament.

Mosag Mosag
Mosag is Aragog’s wife. They are both acromantulas who live in the Forbidden Forest with their children.

Ragnok Ragnok
Ragnok is the goblin that Bill Weasley talked to on Order business. He was not too supportive as he was still feeling anti-wizard after dealing with Ludo Bagman.

Ronan Ronan
Ronan has a slow, doleful voice. He is a centaur with red hair and beard. Ronan has a gleaming chestnut body and a long, reddish tail. He does not like to hurt the young.

Sanguini Sanguini
Sanguini is a tall and emaciated vampire with dark shadows under his eyes. He is friends with author Eldred Worple. They attended Horace Slughorn’s Christmas party at Hogwarts in ’96.

Winky Winky
Winky lived for many years as the house-elf of the Crouch family. When the son, Barty Crouch, Jr., had to stay in hiding, Winky was the one who took care of him. She took pity on Barty and tried to get his father to give him rewards. Winky convinced Crouch senior of bringing his son to the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. Unfortunately, Barty escaped and summoned the Dark Mark on Winky’s watch. She was caught holding the wand that had cast it. Crouch, trying to distance himself from the Dark Arts (and suspicions of his son) released Winky by giving her clothes. Winky, being a typical house-elf, was distraught about being freed and separated from her family. She ended up getting a job at Hogwarts with her cousin Dobby. However, she spent most of her first year getting intoxicated with Butterbeers and crying into her filthy clothes. Winky was horrified when she found out her master Barty had killed his father and done all sorts of Dark things.

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