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St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

Llewellyn, Dai Llewellyn, Dai
Namesake of a St. Mungo’s ward.

Pye, Augustus Pye, Augustus
Augustus Pye is a Trainee Healer at St. Mungo’s Dai Llewellyn ward. He is a young man who is interested in complementary medicine (muggle remedies). He experimented with stitches on Arthur Weasley.

Rackharrow, Urquhart Rackharrow, Urquhart

Urquhart Rackharrow invented the Entrail-Expelling Curse. The vicious-looking wizard has a portrait in St. Mungo’s Dai Llewellyn ward.

Smethwyck, Hippocrates Smethwyck, Hippocrates
Hippocrates Smethwyck is the Healer-in-Charge of St. Mungo’s Dai Llewellyn ward in ’95.

Strout, Miriam Strout, Miriam
Miriam Strout is a friendly Healer in the Janus Thickey ward of St. Mungo’s. She is a motherly looking witch who wears a tinsel wreath in her hair (though probably just for Christmas). She was suspended on full pay when a patient, Broderick Bode, died when she mistook a potted cutting of Devil’s Snare for an innocent Flitterbloom.

Thickey, Janus Thickey, Janus
Namesake of a St. Mungo’s ward. He tried to fake his death by claiming a Lethifold attack.

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