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Other Ministry Employees
?, Bob ?, Bob
Bob works in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. He had a box of fire-breathing chickens in ’95.

Basil Basil
Basil works in the Department of Magical Transportation (Portkey Office). Working to control the mass of people attending the 1994 Quidditch World Cup made him tired and grumpy.

Diggory, Amos Diggory, Amos
Amos Diggory looks like a brown bearded egg (ruddy faced wizard with a scrubby brown beard). He works in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Like most fathers, he is extremely proud of his son, Cedric, and loves to brag about him. In fact, he had plenty to boast about, as his son was a Quidditch Captain and Triwizard champion. Tragically, Cedric’s talent co-won him the Tournament (with Harry Potter) and led to his murder by Peter Pettigrew on Voldemort’s orders. His only consolation was that Harry brought Cedric’s body back. Amos was devastated when he heard the story of his son’s death.

Hopkirk, Mafalda Hopkirk, Mafalda
Mafalda Hopkirk works at the Improper Use of Magic office in the Ministry. She sends letters when a minor uses magic outside of school and/or in front of Muggles.

Jorkins, Bertha Jorkins, Bertha
(1950s - 1994)

Bertha Jorkins was a bit dim, but she had an excellent memory for gossip. Her nosiness often got her in trouble. The plump witch used to work for the Department of International Magical Cooperation. She went to the house of Bartemius Crouch, her boss, one day to get some papers signed. While there, she overheard a conversation that proved that Crouch’s son, who had been sent to Azkaban and supposedly died, was still alive. Crouch put a powerful Memory Charm on her that addled her brain. Bertha was never quite the same, and she got tossed about the Ministry. In 1994, Bertha vanished between visiting a 2nd cousin and her aunt in Albania. She had met Peter Pettigrew, also thought dead, at an inn at the edge of a forest. He overpowered her and brought her to Lord Voldemort to be used as an information booth. She was disposed of after all of her Ministry knowledge was extracted.

Munch, Eric Munch, Eric
Eric Munch is a watch-wizard at the Ministry of Magic. He is stationed at the security desk outside the golden gates leading to the office lifts. He wears peacock-blue robes and has a bad haircut.

Peasegood, Arnold Peasegood, Arnold
Arnold Peasegood is an Obliviator and member of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad.

Perkins Perkins
Perkins works with Arthur Weasley in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office. He is a stooped, timid-looking old wizard with fluffy, white hair. He lent a three-room tent to Arthur for the Quidditch World Cup. He does not camp much anymore because of his lumbago. The tent had crocheted covers on mismatched chairs and a strong smell of cats (suspiciously similar to Arabella Figg’s house).

Weasley, Percy Ignatius Weasley, Percy Ignatius
Born:August 22, 1976
Appearance:Long and lanky
Horn-rimmed glasses
Neat red hair
Pet(s):Scabbers (until his 5th year)
Hermes (owl)
Prized Possession(s):Prefect and Head Boy Badges
Achievement(s):12 O.W.L.s
Head Boy
Occupation:Book 4: Dept. International Magical Cooperation Assistant
Book 5: Junior Assistant to the Minister

Percy Weasley is the third son of Arthur and Molly Weasley. Percy has always been different from his brothers and sister. Though his siblings are bright, they don’t put academics above all else. Percy prides himself on being serious and studious. He took his Prefect and Head Boy responsibilities very earnestly. He was often rewarded for his excellence with such things as new robes, his own owl, etc. Percy’s solemn nature and tendency to think higher of himself than others instigated some teasing from his siblings. In his sixth year, Percy began going out with Penelope Clearwater, a Ravenclaw Prefect a year behind him. He had a distressing year when she was petrified, and then his sister, Ginny, went through a life threatening ordeal.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Percy promptly got a job at the Ministry of Magic as a department of International Magical Cooperation assistant. His work was more important to him than anything else, and he was determined to work his way up in the Ministry quickly. After only a year, Percy was promoted to Junior Assistant to the Minister, a fact which made him immensely proud. Such an important position requires, he firmly believed, that he completely support anything the Minister asserts. This caused a falling-out with his family, and he has been estranged from them the last two years. He had always felt alienated from his siblings as a child, and now he really is as none of them are ready to forgive him for what they see as a betrayal. The rift breaks his mother’s heart, but Percy stubbornly refuses to change his stance, even when proven wrong. He was forced to visit his family for Christmas in ’96 so the Minister of Magic could sneak a chat with Harry Potter.

Quotes and Misc. Information Quotes and Misc. Information
"Percy would never throw any of his family to the dementors," said Hermione severely.
"I don’t know," said Ron. "If he thought we were standing in the way of his career... Percy's really ambitious, you know..." (IV.534)

  • First words: “Can’t stay long, Mother.” (I.96)
  • Sings like a banshee
  • Passed his Apparition test early August 1994
  • Brand new navy blue dress robes for the Yule Ball
  • Promoted to Crouch’s personal assistant December 94
  • Got in trouble in an inquiry about Crouch (He should have realized that Crouch was insane and told someone)
  • Lives in London
  • Sits on very end of the front bench in the Wizengammot (Court Scribe)
  • With Minister of Magic at Dumbledore’s “arrest”

    Rookwood, Augustus Rookwood, Augustus
    Augustus Rookwood is pockmarked with scars and has greasy hair. He worked for the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic but was a spy for the Dark Lord. He had a network of well-placed wizards he used to collect information for his master, including Ludo Bagman (he had been a friend of Ludo’s father). Rookwood was ratted out by Igor Karkaroff. He escaped from Azkaban during the mass breakout in January ’96. Knowing how things in the Dept. of Mysteries work, he told Voldemort that Broderick Bode could not have taken the prophecy. He was also one of the Death Eaters who ambushed Harry Potter at the Department that June (at which time he was recaptured).

    Wimple, Gilbert Wimple, Gilbert
    Gilbert Wimple works with the Committee on Experimental Charms. He grew horns due to his hazardous job.

    Twycross, Wilkie Twycross, Wilkie
    Wilkie Twycross is an Apparition instructor for the Ministry of Magic. He looks colorless, with transparent eyelashes and wispy hair. His strange lack of substance may be caused by frequent Apparations.

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