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Name: Bouncing Bulbs 
Description: Likes to smack faces. Wriggly.  

Name: Bubotubers 
Description: Ugly plants that look less like plants than thick, black, giant slugs, protruding vertically out of the soil. Squirms slightly and has a number of large shiny swellings, which appear to be full of liquid. Bubotubers need squeezing to collect the pus (which is extremely valuable). It is recommended that you wear dragon hide gloves because bubotuber pus can do funny things to the skin. Extraction is disgusting, yet oddly satisfying. A large amount of thick yellowish-green liquid bursts forth, which smells strongly of petrol. An excellent remedy for the more stubborn forms of acne.  

Name: Devilís Snare 
Description:The Devil's Snare has snake-like tendrils. It will use these tendrils to immobilize and strangle you. Its preferred climate is dark and damp. When caught in Devil's Snare, flames can be used to repel the plant. 

Name: Fanged Geranium 

Name: Fertilizers 
Description: Dragon manure 

Name: Flitterbloom 
Description: Looks like Devilís Snare 

Name: Flutterby Bush 
Description: Quivers. Needs pruning 

Name: Gillyweed 
Description: Slimy and rubbery, like octopus tentacles. Eating some allows you to breathe underwater for an hour or so. 

Name: Honking Daffodils 

Name: Leaping toadstools 

Name: Mandrake (Mandragora) 
Description:Also known as Mandragora, Mandrakes are humanoid plants. At a casual glance, they look like normal plants, but once deplanted, you will find, instead of roots, a creature with pale green, mottled skin and leaves growing out of its head. Seedlings look like small, muddy, and ugly babies. As they mature they will go through the stages that humans go through and will end up moving into each other's pots.

It is essential to use caution when dealing with Mandrakes as their cry is fatal to those who hear it. While the cry of a seedling will not kill you, it can still knock you out.

Once mature, the Mandrakes can be used to make powerful restoratives for those who have been transfigured or cursed. Most antidotes require this ingredient, but it takes about nine months for seedlings to fully mature.

Name: Mimbulus Mimbletonia 
Description: Looks like a small gray cactus in a pot that is covered in boils instead of spines. Pulsates. Very rare. Found in Assyria. Squirts Stinksap from its boils when poked.  

Name: Screechsnap seedlings 
Description: Can wriggle and squeak. Dragon manure in a tray of seedlings 

Name: Self-Fertilizing Shrubs 

Name: Snargaluff stumps 
Description: Snargaluff stumps are gnarled with long, prickly, bramble-like vines. The vines will try to throttle you on approach. Distract the vines and a hole will open up in the middle for you to retrieve green pods the size of grapefruits. The attacking vines are a defensive mechanism Ė they will retreat back into the stump once you get the pod. Pods are best squeezed fresh. Inside the pods are tubers like pale green worms. 

Name: Stinksap 
Description: Stinking, dark green. Smells like rancid manure. 

Name: Venemous Tentacula 
Description: A spiky, dark red plant 

Name: Venemous Tentacula seeds 
Description: Class C non-tradable substance. Shriveled black pods. Emits a faint rattling noise without moving. 

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